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Wednesday, 7 September 2011

11 killed, more than 65 injured in Delhi HC bomb blast

At least 11 killed and more than 65 injured in a bomb blast near first security checkpoint in Delhi High Court premises where people were queuing for passes. The area was crowded with lawyers and witnesses because Wednesday is the day when most public-interest litigation is heard at the high court.

Prime Minister Manmohan Singh called it a "cowardly act of a terrorist nature".An email claim by the extremist group Harkat-ul Jihad Islami (Huji) that it planted the bomb.

"It would be very premature to make any comment on the mail at this stage, but yes, that mail has to be looked at seriously, because Huji is a very prominent terrorist group," SC Sinha, D. G. National Investigation Agency, told. The email reportedly demands that a man sentenced to death for involvement in an attack on Delhi's parliament ten years ago should not be hanged.

The US state department says Huji is a terrorist organisation with links to al-Qaeda. The group has been accused of carrying out attacks in India, Pakistan and Bangladesh. The leader of Huji, Ilyas Kashmiri, was reportedly killed in a US drone strike in north-western Pakistan in June.

In June, a bomb exploded in a car outside the same Delhi court complex. There were no casualties on that occasion. In July, 26 people died in three explosions in the country's financial capital, Mumbai (Bombay).


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