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Wednesday, 7 April 2010

No Adverse Impact on Society by Legalising Gay Sex - Gay rights activists say

Gay rights activists today argued before the Supreme Court that decriminalising gay sex has not made any negative impact on society as apprehended by people opposing homosexuality.

"Almost nine months have passed since the judgement was announced and no harm has been caused to Indian society or culture or traditions," Naz Foundation, an NGO on whose petition the Delhi High Court had legalised gay sex, said in its reply.

The NGO opposed the contention that legalisation of gay sex would result in spreading of AIDS in the society and submitted that there is no scientific basis for it.

The NGO filed its response against various petitions filed by anti-gay rights activists and religious organisations seeking quashing of July 2 landmark verdict of the High Court legalising gay sex between consenting adults in private, which was earlier a criminal offence punishable with up to life imprisonment.

"Homosexuality is not a concept alien to Indian culture. In fact, it has been an inherent part of the Indian culture and civilisation," the NGO claimed, adding "criminalisation of sexuality, on the other hand, including homosexuality, is alien to Indian culture."

The apex court had earlier issued a notice to the Centre on a petition filed by a Christian body, a disciple of Yoga guru Ramdev and a astrologer Suresh Kumar Kaushal seeking a stay on the High Court verdict legalising gay sex on the ground it will have a catastrophic effect on the society's moral fabric.

All the petitioners have sought setting aside of the July two High Court verdict legalising gay sex between consenting adults in private.


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