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Saturday, 10 April 2010

HC sends notices to IIT’s against its selection process

The Delhi High Court sent notices to 15 IITs across the country and to the HRD Ministry to clarify their selection process which is through the annual Joint Entrance Examination (JEE).

Aggrieved by the selection process, one Rajeev Kumar, who is a professor at IIT-Kharagpur, filed a Public Interest Litigation in the court stating that ‘the entire IIT-JEE selection process is an eye wash. The system is neither transparent nor has any set norms. No one knows what is the criteria for selection,’ the petitioner alleged.

The petitioner claimed that he has been fighting against the system for the last four years, finally the Delhi High Court has agreed to issue notices to the respondents, he said.

The Court has issued notices to the Ministry, the IIT council and the Joint Admission Board that conducts the entrance exams, the petitioner said.

‘The entrance in its current format is not transparent. No one knows how they select the candidates,’ he said.

India is known for the brilliant students 15 IITs across the country produce but many eligible’s are still left out for reasons not known to them, the petitioner alleged.

Eight new IITs have started operation in the last two years, the petitioner stated.

Since this year over 400,000 students will appear in the IIT-JEE, scheduled for April 11, they should have a right to have a transparent system, the petitioner added.


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